The Beer T Shirt for the Craft Beer Lover - Life is Brewtiful

Do you have a dad who admires beer so muchthat he would love to express that through what he wears? Or, perhaps you areon a mission yourself to upgrade your wardrobe to contain something unique andtrendy with a beer slogan twist. Whatever your scenario is, the Life isBrewtiful t-shirt

is an ideal candidate that will undoubtedly be a conversationstarter. 

The Life is Brewtiful t-shirt is an exclusive screen printed and professionally handcrafted product made right here in the United States. It is made up of 50 percent polyester and 50 percent pre-shrunk cotton, meaning you never have to worry about it coming out of the dryer smaller than when you put it in. The sleeves are short and contain taped neck and shoulders to promote ultimate comfort. The material is incredibly soft,perfect for making statements out in public, or wearing to bed for a great night’s sleep. 

If shopping for yourself, then you already know that when it comes to expressing your uniqueness, your clothing plays a large part in achieving that goal. With that in mind, the Life is Brewtiful t-shirt is new, original, and entirely expressive. In addition, not only is it extremely comfortable and made with nothing but the best materials, it is something that you can wear to really let your personality shine through.

If you aregift hunting, skip the typical chocolates, flowers, or any of those mundaneitems that end up collecting dust on shelves. Get them something that they willactually want, will use regularly, and has meaning to it. A hint of funnyalways works well too. The Life is Brewtiful t-shirt is the perfect mixture ofsarcasm and novelty, working together to create the ultimate gift that everybeer lover or brewmaster would love. Imagine the look on your beer-loving dad'sface, or seeing your homebrewing friend’s reaction when they get a gift such asthis. Not only will it create fun memories, but it also shows that you took thetime to get them something that is truly reflective of who they are as aperson, which is truly special and admirable.



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